Innovation :
At Connasys, innovation means trying the same thing in a different and more efficient way for better results and a higher level of excellence. We believe in going that extra stride to find more ways of doing things better. Our willingness to adopt changes, no matter how uncomfortable it seems, keeps us vibrant and ahead in the market.

Quality :
Measuring and improving every single day is a part of life at We strive hard to achieve excellence in every aspect - not just designing, but the service, support, processes, communication and absolutely every aspect of your interaction with - making sure that what you take is a business experience of the highest quality in the most professional manner.

Technology is the heart of all the creative and design process. While our right brain pumps in all directions to dish out the most creative concepts for your design, our conscious adoption of the latest technology and techniques gives our ideas that edge required to rock the market. Our round about approach of self audits keeps ahead in technology adoption and implementation.

Process :
Our unique business process makes sure that the essence of your brand stays integrated with all design and people are placed above technology and code. Thorough understanding of your business forms an integral part of our process initiation which makes sure that the heart of your business pumps through all the designs deployed every time. From Analysis to Interface Design to Usability testing to Deployment, every aspect of creation is looked after personally and professionally to ensure smooth and timely roll out of all designs.

Values :
At Connasys, having fun is an integral part of work culture. Our passion for design and seamless joy in what we do automatically percolates into a culture that has utmost importance for business ethics. Our value system is based on our principle of THRILL : Trust, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty and Love.
We live our values to the core and make sure you have a THRILLing experience every time you do business with us.