Kickstart your shopping cart setup and online sales infrstructure with our powerful and flexible ecommerce software clubbed with classy User Interface designs.

Our eCommerce deployment process :

  1. Understanding : We start with understanding the nature of your products/ services that you are offering to sell : electronics, apparel, books, professional services, consultancy, etc.

  2. Choose : Our next step is to choose the best architecture to suit your needs : goods cart setup, rentals, downloadable goods etc.

  3. Consolidate : After this, all the other aspects required to setup your cart are finalized : payment gateways, delivery models & supply chain structure.

  4. Design : The project comes into development with creating mockups of your site. We work closely with you to finalize the look and feel to make sure an aesthetically pleasant experience is created for the users.

  5. Deploy : The main software then gets loaded onto the design.

  6. Testing and Delivery : A few rounds of testing and fixing and your product is all set to process orders.

  7. Training : We then provide training to make sure you thoroughly understand the process to load content - products, costs, discounts etc.

  8. Long Term : Your cart starts processing your orders and we are always working closely with you to add new concepts and methods to enhance sales.

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