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Web Design, 3D animation and Flash Scripting, and complete Events Portal for IIMK Backwaters 2011 by

The IIM Kozhikode International Business School Meet; 3rd week of November (18th – 20th Nov’11) : The event theme is  : People. Planet. Profit.

The entire site brand is designed to match the the event theme and all the software is powered by Connasys to enable comprehensive interaction for the thousands of site visitors from various Management Institutions from all over India and around the world.

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SoulSpace : Landscape Image Concept.

SoulSpace – the original CAD file screenshot.



The 3d image concept Visualized from the above image:

SoulSpace : Visualized map image.

SoulSpace is a unique innovative realty concept where each project is situated in a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape.

The beauty of SoulSpace lies in the concept – one in which vast tracts of forest land will be parceled plots and maintained by caring and conscious owners ! owners buy propeties and work towards conserving and enriching what is naturally present in the land – no leveling or land or cutting trees. Thus creating a winning formula for the owner, the local residents and above all – Mother Earth.

Our Creative Head Upasana drove down to one of the potential properties of SoulSpace and created a visualization of how the developed properties would look like !