SoulSpace : Landscape Image Concept.

SoulSpace – the original CAD file screenshot.



The 3d image concept Visualized from the above image:

SoulSpace : Visualized map image.

SoulSpace is a unique innovative realty concept where each project is situated in a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape.

The beauty of SoulSpace lies in the concept – one in which vast tracts of forest land will be parceled plots and maintained by caring and conscious owners ! owners buy propeties and work towards conserving and enriching what is naturally present in the land – no leveling or land or cutting trees. Thus creating a winning formula for the owner, the local residents and above all – Mother Earth.

Our Creative Head Upasana drove down to one of the potential properties of SoulSpace and created a visualization of how the developed properties would look like !


Identity and Web Design – customized recruitment services

Attracting and retaining talent is the main challenge for businesses especially in a booming economy like India’s.

Our latest brand design and web design client offers end to end recruitment services that makes hiring a lean, optimized and hassle free process for companies.


Logo and website design for recruitment consultancy -

Identity Design : the 5  colors in the star convey  the essence of the services provided by the company :

Blue – Trust and confidence  : showing the professionalism maintained in all dealings and commitment to client’s confidentiality.

Purple - wisdom : conveying the knowledge based optimized services provided by the company.

Pink - Caring and acceptance : portraying the attitude of the owners and employees towards making customers feel comfortable in working with 24 Bright Star consultants.

Green - new and  youth : conveying the flexibility in adoption of the latest management techniques and philosophies to for maximizing customer satisfaction

Orange - energy : Showing the vigor and never say die attitude to all business challenges.

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Digital Reputation Management

Any Business is as good as it is perceived to be in the minds of prospective customers.

Be it any products or services business, a bad posting, negative reviews by false users, deliberate horrible comments on news pages and social networking sites can sabotage the credibility of any company which takes years to build.

Our latest live project : provides an answer to handle negative publicity and minimize the damage thus ensuring intact reputation for its customers.

Reputation Managers : Brand and website design by


The logo design portrays that with its wide array of services spanning from SEO, content alteration, blogging, micro sites, business profiles listing to video and media – Reputation Managers with help any company retain its crowning glory and shield against everything that hampers it. The crown thus represents the legitimacy, power, morality, honor and glory that the company strives to protect for its clients. Red represents speed, strength and energy as in the efficiency with which the company works to protect the interests of its clients.


Business Card Design - Reputation Managers

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Logo and Website for Model and Actress : Samapika Debnath

Connasys proudly launches the brand design and the website creative for Model and Actress : Samapika Debnath.


Portfolio site for Samapika Debnath


The custom image background mosaic personalizes the site while highlighting the images in her portfolio.

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Design challenge : To design the identity for end to end home improvement services company : Green Handyman India Pvt Ltd. design solution :
Handyman India is a unique first of its kind service providing all home repairs and improvement services via a single call. so be it a plumber, electrician, computer repairs, furniture repairs, or any and every other service.
The design of the site is kept clean, focussed and appealing to both – everyday as well as corporate clients. Green and orange bring out the essence of providing services while being environment friendly as much as possible.
The images have been worked upon to convey the wide range of services as easily and quickly as possible. One quick navigation through the site makes sure that you get a feel of all the services that the company provides. Focus on images helps the user quickly land on the desired page and make the call.
A highlighted contact number makes sure that reaching the company for immediate needs is possible while you are on any page of the site.
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Customer testimonial : surpassed all expectations, worked perfectly on the design and went beyond what we had imagined to give us a world class design that works ! We got a professional and innovative brand, web and content design all in one place which is working really well for our business. Definitely recommend and am not going anywhere else for any of my future design needs.’
Indraneel Sadalge
founder, Director
Green Handyman Repairs and Home Improvement Pvt Ltd.